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Rin Lin Rin of Suzumi


Rin Lin Rin of Suzumi

Japanese porn | Rin Lin Rin of Suzumi | Detailed explanation

This time I introduce Japanese porn.

Out of print, hard-to-obtain works!
Now it is a deceased image creator, a small elementary school idol Ameemiya Suzumi’s debut work!
Suzumi, 10 cm tall (!) At the time of photography, 130 cm tall, wore a small bikini on a small body and worked hard!
From the girls idol style uniform costume to white bikini → recorder performance, at the beginning the creation of beautiful eyes while keeping standard points.
However, from the continued gym clothes, everything is done at once!
When we take off the gym clothes, how awfully a small light blue bikini!
Drawing time with a smile in a wedgie state.
It seems that you can see the inside from various gaps due to the body with less unevenness yet!
If you open wide legs on the table, camel toe!
The yellow bikini is also quite small, and the cheeks are struck with a water gun and the screeching figure also inflates the imagination!
Green bikini is good hula hoop but ice licking is the best.
As melted ice cream adheres to the cheeks and chest, delusions will inflate again!
Beige bikini attention to the butt, clearly wedgie state and small wet but glossy butt makes us feel pretty girls’ likeness!
The close-up of the crotch which made a big gap is truly a slaughter, it is quite terrible!
But anything is definitely a pink leotard!
Rope jumping is a camel toe! Balancing the body on the ball is a camel toe! Camel toe with a rodeo machine! And anything wedgie / camel toe’s on parade!
The movement around the waist is also the most violent, especially the rodeo machine is open leg condition, movement, banana eating with no hands, only value in this scene! It is attacking enough to say!
Is there no regulation on this, is it? .
Suzumi’s debut work that has become difficult to obtain now, please enjoy it thoroughly!


-Strawberry Daifuku



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