How to purchase RealDiva

If you are interested in RealDiva’s work and want to purchase it,
First, click the button on the new member registration at the top left.

The course has 8 courses in all.
From the left
Express VIP member Gold member, Platinum member, Diamond member
Normal membership members, silver members, gold members, platinum members, diamond members
Each settlement
Express VIP member gold member is 90 days, Platinum member is 180 days, diamond member is 365 days
Regular members of normal members are 30 days, Silver members are 60 days, Gold members are 90 days, Platinum members are 180 days, Diamond members are 365 days
Express VIP members have no download period restrictions.
Normally, members are allowed to download for two weeks from the release date, those who have been continued for more than 91 days have no download period restrictions.
Express VIP members can watch VIP movies.
Those who are regular members for more than 91 days can view VIP movies.
Express VIP members’ download limit is 12 G / day
Normally, members’ download restrictions are 8 G / day, but those who continue for more than 91 days are 12 G / day.
For Express VIP members, Express fee will be charged 20 $ apart from membership fee.
(Currently, Express charge is under free campaign)

1. ID (mail address)
After member registration, settlement completion mail, mail of completion of membership registration will be sent.
2. ID (Re-enter e-mail address)
For confirmation, please enter your e-mail address again.
3. Password
Please enter your desired password.

It is an input confirmation.
If there is no problem, please click “Apply” button on the right
Please click the “re-enter” button on the left if you want to modify it.

1. ID (mail address)
2. Password
3. Country of residence
4. Agree to the Site Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
5. Credit card number
6. Card Expiration Date
7. Security code
8. Credit card holder
9. Confirmation screen

1. Purchase
2. Re-enter